8 months old – My burgeoning Ham.

Well, I’m thinking my little sweet pea is turning into my little ham.  Unless she is in a mood (read: fussy), which is these days about 50% of the time, Maya is the happiest baby on the planet.  She smiles so wide sometimes it seems that her little head is going to pop off!  She also does this thing where she emits a little squeal from the back of her throat with her mouth wide open and her eyes bright…and then we have a little competition to see how long we can make the squeal sound 🙂 She also flaps her arms in the air when she is excited…and does this cute little shoulder roll when she is frustrated.  She has started to kiss – basically an open, slobbery mouth on the cheek.  As soon as the camera comes out, she smiles, but now I think it is because she wants the camera for herself. She is really hitting the most exploratory phase thus far of her young life – wanting to touch everything, grab everything out of my hands.  I can no longer talk on the phone if she is present unless she has the phone in HER hands!  Or more to the point, in her mouth.

Her newest skill is talking in her sleep. I don’t much like it as it wakes me up nearly every time she does it.  She is super loud and she does it several times a night. I’m never sure if she is awake or not so we always check.  I haven’t been this tired since she was about 2.5 months old and she wasn’t yet sleeping through the night.  From what I’ve read, this might be associated with the “wonder week” that happens at 37 weeks. (She is 34 weeks, 32 if adjusted for her due date).  Her brain is supposedly figuring out categories right now (i.e., bananas and spinach are different, but they are both food, etc.)

Speaking of food, not much new in that department as I have a glut of homemade food in the freezer. But she did try mommy-made turkey (FAIL – too grainy), mommy-made baby-sized pancake (WIN!) and cream cheese (WIN!).

No new places either since my last update – except she did get to go to the zoo with me and Daddy, and we had a really great day there.  She was more attentive than the last time we were there.  The membership I bought was definitely a good purchase!


Height: Taller.  When I stand her up against the coffee table, she almost doesn’t have to look up above it to see the TV anymore.

Weight: Somewhere between 18 and 19.5 lbs.  Weighing her with me is not an exact science.

Head Circumference: Too big for 6 mos. clothes, just right for 9 mos. clothes

(Clearly we haven’t been to the doctor …which is great, but it forces me to make approximations on her stats. I promise 9 mos. will be more exact…since we actually have to go to the pediatrician.)

She is rolling over…again.  Now its consistent so we’re counting it.  Almost rolling from back to belly, she isn’t quite there yet though.  She is transferring objects between hands, and her pincer grasp is improving greatly…she makes leaps and bounds from week to week, it is really cool to watch.

She is days away from her first plane trip EVER.  Hoping the sleep talking takes a holiday on our holiday!

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