6 months + 6 and a few other things.

My baby girl is 6 months old…WHAT???????!!!!! Everybody always tells me to cherish this time as it just flies by and by golly – they are all right on the money!  My little Mayacita is blossoming into a little person with a personality that is alternating sweet and funny. What more could I ask for?


Weight – 15lbs 13 oz (50th percentile)

Height – 24.5 in (5th percentile – nope not missing a zero there, she’s short…but now, 2 feet tall!)

Head – 17.5 in around (75th percentile – the nurse keeps saying she will grow into her head…or…I say she will always have a large melon head like her Mommy, and her Auntie DawnDawn, and her Daddy and it just means she has a good-sized brain.)

Otherwise healthy according to Dr. Frend, and she handled her 3rd set of shots pretty well (running a slight fever and tired, but not too cranky thanks to generic acetaminophen).

We’ve expanded her menu of solids to include Mommy-roasted sweet potato (big hit!), pears (she is particular …did not like the Earth’s Best made with ascorbic acid, but loved Plum Organics Just Fruit), and avocado (nearly threw it up on me, will have to try something different with that).  She is also starting to grab the spoon to feed herself, and today she took the sippy cup to drink more water..another first!  She is sitting up for about 30 seconds at a time before turning into a Weeble Wobble. She rolled over again from tummy to back yesterday, but still hasn’t gone the other way. I’m hoping that now the brace is off….WHOA!

That’s right folks…THE BRACE IS OFF!!! We followed up with Dr. Kay at Children’s Hospital on June 30 and had an x-ray which they interpreted as showing her to have much improvement.  The average angle at which the hip joint is supposed to be placed or sitting in the socket is 28 degrees for a baby of her age, but lower is better. Both right and left hips were between 23 & 24 degrees! My mom and I cheered and then…Maya cried …I think in our joyous celebration we must have startled her. But as I was saying ….now that it is off, I am hoping she will catch up in the physical milestones department in terms of rolling.  She definitely likes sitting and she also seems to like standing though she hasn’t made a move to pull herself up or anything yet. She likes it when she balances on us…and it is pretty cute.

She is really enjoying the Parent and Me class at our synagogue – it is a small class of 5 kids and their parents, and believe it or not, she is not the only Maya! The other Maya is also cute, but a little younger and she has a nice mommy.  The other parents/caregivers are nice too and I enjoy the class despite not knowing any of the little Shabbat songs they do nor any of the Hebrew.  Thankfully that is only about 25% of the class. The rest is chatting, bubbles, nursery rhymes and play.  Mommy groups are still good.  I took Maya to her first swimming lesson at this place that is about 10 minutes from my house and that was great.  Everybody said she was so calm and comfortable in the water, and it was fun for me to have her in there.

What about me and the weight loss saga? Well, didn’t lose any weight after decreasing the desserts(in fact I gained .3)…but this is probably because I’ve increased the french fries. I managed to walk 3x this week, 2 times I got up at 5a to do this without having to worry about the baby. I also just had one of the best red velvet cupcakes I’ve ever had thanks to my hubby and Cupcakes A GoGo so who knows if the walks will have done any good.

In other news, I had started another post in regards to the recent anti-cop fervor that seems to have been rearing its head lately (I had been thinking about the reaction of locals to the DEA/Sheriff’s Dept. shooting that happened in Studio City a few weeks ago that resulted in the death of a local young man, and another incident I can’t even remember now), but as I said, I can’t even remember what I was going to write about the 2nd incident …so all I will say is that despite people’s grieving about purportedly botched stings, stakeouts, etc. and assumptions that cops are always after the wrong person or all of them are on  a power trip – we should really remember that most of the time the police are there to protect us, and risk their lives daily to make sure we are safe.  That is more than I am willing to do, so for the meantime, I am willing to give them all the benefit of the doubt.

Other than that, Evan and I are going out on a date tomorrow see In The Heights at the Pantages Theatre. We bought our tickets before Lin-Manuel Miranda decided he would be starring in his own musical again…so excited! Will do a review later…for now, buona notte. 🙂

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