5 months + 11 and the travel bug.

So…my post for Maya’s 5 monthaversary is quite late, but my last post pretty much explains why and what she has been up to lately.  So far 5 months might be my favorite age.  In the beginning they don’t do much and you’re kind of too tired to fully enjoy what they ARE doing. Now *I* am coherent and healed and my daughter is such a happy little baby.  She smiles at just the site of me usually, which is a great confidence booster 🙂 She also laughs a lot now and it is absolutely the best sound ever.  She is better at sitting up, and if I let go she will stay upright for a few seconds before toppling over like a weeble. She is still not into rolling really, though she can from tummy to back, but just doesn’t seem interested in repeating….she seems to be more interested in faces now than in toys, so she gets more fussy in her play gyms than she did a month ago.  She is “talking” lots.  We tried to give her solids a few days after her monthaversary, but I think we will hold off trying in earnest until she is 6 mos.  So far she has had Earth’s Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal mixed with breast milk (Rating: 1 star), mixed with water and cold (1.5 stars), mixed with warm water (2 stars), and mashed banana diluted with water (2.5 stars).  Mostly she pushes it out of her mouth with her tongue and doesn’t even eat a tablespoon.  Since her tongue thrust is still in effect and she isn’t acting hungry, we will wait until July to start offering a solid regularly. She’s a big flirt once she gets past her initial stranger danger worries and just the sweetest pumpkin ever.

I am really starting to feel the effects of carrying the extra weight (for 9 months and the remaining 15 lbs of baby weight that won’t go anywhere.)  My left hip and lower back are complete toast, not to mention my knees.  So I’ve made an appt. to go see my cousin the chiropractor next week.  I am hoping I am just completely out of alignment as if this keeps going, I am not going to be able to walk. I also downloaded some post-natal yoga workouts from Netflix, and am hoping if I strengthen my stomach muscles my back won’t hurt as bad. In the meantime, ibuprofen daily and my rice pudding-scented backwarmer on me for relief.

5 months plus 11 days, I was younger than Maya is now when I took my first plane ride. Perhaps that is where my travel bug began …road trips with the family, summers back East, a senior trip to Mexico.  A quarter year in Tuscany, travelling through Italy, not to mention visiting a handful of European countries and London. Another trip to Bologna, and another to the UK. Business travel covering the Upper Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Florida, and the Northeast.  A road trip through the Deep South.  Maui, several times. Short trips around Cali. Yep, I like to travel.  In the past few years, my trips have slowed down, due to changing priorities.  But the change in priorities just means the bug moved down the ladder not off of it. 

Lately, I’ve really wanted to go somewhere.  I’ll blame several friends who have traveled recently to France, Germany and Austria and have posted their pics to taunt me (ok, that’s not why they posted them, but they did taunt me).  I also blame Evan’s parents who just came back from a trip to Northern Italy. That was the kicker.  The last time I was in Italy was to visit my friend Kiana who was studying abroad in Bologna. That was over 10 years ago. Too long!!  So this year we are headed to Philly to share Maya with the East Coast family and perhaps a day in NYC to see friends who we haven’t seen in a while. Next year, Maui, and we hope the year after that, Italy and …Spain? Once the bug bites, it doesn’t let go until there’s a trip in the works.  Oh, how I wish I were independently wealthy.

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