TGIF…Recap: Week of 5/17

First of all, let me just say that this week has been long, and tiring. Every night this week I have thought about writing but just not been able to muster up the energy.  Maya has been going through some kind of growth spurt or something which has her nursing all afternoon and not wanting to nap unless she falls asleep on the boob. And/or she is teething.  We also had something to do about every day this week…so I’m a bit ragged.  Anyways, on with the show…

MONDAY:  Field Trip/Mommy Movie @ the Americana at Brand – Letters to Juliet

I was totally reluctant at first to go to one of these things.  I had a strong feeling Maya would sleep through a great deal of it, and I feared I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. Plus, do I really want Maya watching that much “TV” yet on purpose? Not really.  How was it you ask? Well, it wasn’t half bad.  The theatre has a stroller parking area set up outside of the one showing your movie, and a table inside for changing if needed.  They don’t turn the lights completely down, so you can see if you need to change, feed, etc.  Maya started off awake and semi-interested and that lasted all of 10 maybe 15 minutes.  Then she started to get a bit hungry so I fed her and she fell asleep. After a bit I put her back in the car seat which was on the chair and after some rocking, she fell back to sleep for nearly the rest of the movie. Score!  I imagine it would be hard with a baby more mobile than mine and in that case I don’t think I would have enjoyed it.  The movie itself was beautiful to look at but —  that Amanda Seyfried – she reads her lines like she is reading a phone book.  Bland, boring, bah.  And her character was kind of bitchy.  I would have been totally happy going to Italy with Gael Garcia Bernal even if he did want to go shopping for his restaurant. Thankfully the scenery made up for her poor acting skills.  It was filmed in Verona and Siena where I used to live…and as generally happens when I see it on-screen, I got all teared up. It is and was such a beautiful place. I am so lucky to have lived there.  As for the mommy group portion of the day, this was the first event I “hosted.” Two other mommies, showed, both teachers, both very nice with babies ranging from 5 weeks to 9 mos.  That part of it was a success! Afterwards, I went and picked up some hand-me-downs for Maya from Wendi and visited there for a bit. 

TUESDAY: Laundry, Laundry – can’t you see I’m burning burning…ohhh Laundry Laundry….why you build up sooooo fassst?

My mom came over so I could do some housewifely duties, mainly laundry and cleaning. I had to yell at my husband for helping too much because I was starting to feel like an invalid and like I wasn’t doing my part of this whole staying home bit, other than taking care of Maya. I’m not an invalid, but it is quite difficult to do 5 loads of laundry when it is basically 2 floors down and I have a now 4.5 month old.  So Mom came over, and I finished up 5 loads of laundry, and started to get rid of the work stuff that has been sitting by my computer since December.  It is still sitting in a trash bag in the middle of my living room since I didn’t finish going through it. Arrgggh!  It is so frustrating how little time and energy I have for housework. Blah. Perhaps if my darling daughter would have napped that afternoon and not wanted to nurse all the time when she was awake after my mom left, I would have been able to do more.

WEDNESDAY: Field Trip – Group Walk at the Park

So I think I have already mentioned 2 mommy groups that I joined. Wed. was the first meeting I could go to of the one that is near my house. It was a group walk at a park about 5 minutes driving from my house.  There were a lot more mommies than my other group (it is more established), and it was a nice, long walk.  I met a few nice mommies, and Maya made one little friend, but I will have to go a few more times to see if this is a good group for me.  So far, the vibe isn’t quite right.

THURSDAY: Field trip – Dermatologist

So…skin cancer. I’ve had it already.  One spot on my back that was scraped off, and a pre-cancerous spot on my nose that I got zapped before Maya was born with liquid nitro.  The derm told me to come back after she was born for a checkup.  I finally made an appt. because of what she said and also because the spot on my nose has started bleeding again, scabbing over, and bleeding repeatedly and not ever really healing.  This is one of the warning signs they tell you about for skin cancers. So I got the spot on my nose looked at and they suggested we biopsy it to see if it’s cancerous. I’m betting yes, but will be pleasantly surprised if not.  Regardless, I just want them to get it off my nose.  In an amusing note, I had to take Maya with me to this appt. and the nurse who did my intake talked for about 10 minutes to me about how adorable she was before she was, like, “But we’re here for you…why are you here?”  It was pretty funny. Dermatology is one spot where Lakeside Medical Group has it right on.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of insurance, last week I had an angel call me from CIGNA.  Really I don’t know where she’s been all my life. Her job is to call all the people who call in to the customer service line frequently to see if they can help at all. Due to my plan – I have to call….ALOT…as all of my visits to my OB/GYN are always billed incorrectly.  The insurance company realizes this but they have no mechanism in place to correct it, other than my having to call the ins. company after every appt. to have the claim reprocessed.  So now that I have my friend Jennifer at CIGNA, I no longer have to do this.  Not to mention, I will probably be getting about $1000 back from the hospital due to incorrect billing that she has resolved.  Like I said, Jennifer – she is my CIGNA angel.

FRIDAY: Another day at Griffith Park with my mommy group.  Had a few more moms this time and we all got along really well. I had a really good time and I think Maya did too. I think she even liked being in the Ergo!  Also had another celebrity sighting which was particularly “gleeful” 🙂

And now….I must go prepare my stomach for the 34 Food Trucks that will be at the Silver Lake Jubilee tomorrow.  Digestion….NOW!

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