Field Trip: Irvine Spectrum

Today Maya and I took a trip down behind the Orange Curtain to visit our friends Kiana and Eric N. Eric I’ve known for 20 years and Kiana for 17years…as we walked Kiana made a comment as to how we probably didn’t think in our first year in college we would be having lunch 17 years later, walking around a mall with Maya. It’s really nice to have friendships that endure.

The ride down was smooth. It is amazing how much a difference the carpool lane makes – and how excited I am that the size of the 2nd “person” required to ride in it does not matter! It only took us about 1hr and  15 to get down there… would have been a lot faster too if a) I hadn’t forgotten my wallet and had to go back for it and 2) the Woodman on-ramp to the 101 was not closed for “tree pruning.”

We ate at a little place called Veggie Grill.  Generally you will not find me in a vegetarian joint but I was craving a salad.  Many of you know, but I am still in mourning over the loss of our favorite salad place, The Dressing Room.  That was the joint on Ventura Blvd. by the old La Reina movie theatre that was a “choose your own adventure” salad place. The greens and veggies were organic and the food was DELISH.  The people who worked there were really great too. Unfortunately, and in the shittiest way possible, the place just disappeared.  We went there as we usually did for our weekly salad, and it said “closed for private party.”  When we came back the following week, the signs were still up. We knew something was up and asked around.  Apparently the week before, the day before we had originally seen the sign, the employees were told that day would be their last and the restaurant closed.  No notice, nothin’.  None to the regulars either.  We were so depressed….but back to the Veggie Grill.  It was no Dressing Room, but I have to say my Baja salad was goooood. As were the Sweetheart sweet potato fries. Yum!

The company was lovely, the weather was beautiful — it was a good day.

By Joy

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