4 months + 2 and other musings

In my head sometime after my LACMA post, I had committed to writing something every day on my blog, no matter how small.  Clearly that has not happened but I have a good reason – I was derailed by snot.  And no, not Maya’s snot, mine!  I have been sick since Saturday last – although on that day I thought it was a combination of allergies from all the wind and the cigar smoke from the Derby party I went to. But by Sunday afternoon I was feeling achy and my throat was still on fire so I knew that I was sick.

Fast forward to today – the first night in a few that I have slept at all.  Was feeling mostly ok today until midday when I started to get achy again.  It’s hard to recoup when you have a baby to take care of…all the things that I would normally do to get better (take long hot showers, nap) I couldn’t do, so I feel like this is lingering longer than it would have under previous circumstances.  But speaking of baby – mine just turned 4 months old!  I can’t believe it has been 4 months already. I can’t believe I am still breastfeeding and it is now so easy. Maya is a sweet, good baby who now “talks” lots, laughs (new skill as of yesterday!), and continues to scoot lots in her crib despite her hip brace. She is now sleeping through the night in her crib, and taking all naps in her cribs (though naps still are kind of annoying, just when I settle in to do something, she wakes up!).  She now grabs at the toys hanging from her play gym and can move the items enough to make the music go. In fact if you try to pick her up from the play gym and she has grabbed onto one of the toys, she often will try to pick up the entire play gym and take it with her. She hardly goes in her swing these days as she is too busy kicking around and talking to her friends in the “gym”.  She is doing better with tummy time and will now pick her head up high and look around before she starts to cry.  No rolling over yet though (she seems to have gone backwards on this one.) She is a superdrooler, and I think she is teething even though I can’t feel any teeth.  She is growing like a weed now and I will report back later with her official 4 month weight after her checkup (had to cancel because Mommy was sick) but according to our scale she is nearly 13 lbs.! I have put away just about all of her 0-3 months clothes as she is now fitting comfortable in 3-6 months. 

And since the news just said that lack of sleep can lead to early death, I am going to cut my post off here.  I had wanted to write more but I now forgot what it was going to be about so I will leave it here…and write it when I remember it (ah the brain of a new mother…)

SIDE NOTE:  Derby party was fun. Katie throws a good party and the race was different this year (and slightly more interesting) because it was a “mudder.”  And wow were those cheesy grits and biscuits good.

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