The time has come. I have vowed starting tomorrow I will stop shovelling food in my mouth without thought and start the journey back to my old body….I rejoined Weight Watchers today (hereafter known as WW).  After gaining 42 pounds with Maya, and tipping the scales at 212 before I had her, 8 weeks have passed and I am now clear to consciously diet without endangering my milk supply and to exercise moderately without messing with my C-section aftermath.

I am already down to 192.1.  This is just due to losing all of the water weight and breastfeeding because Lord knows I’ve been eating WHATEVER I want and more….I had only lost 12 pounds with the birth so I have lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks. Not bad…My first goal is 5% of my weight which will put me at 182 or so…that will put me 12 pounds above prepregnancy weight of 170, leaving 15 to go after that to my goal of 155.  If I lose a pound a week starting now, it will take me approximately 38 weeks or 8.5 months to lose all of it….meaning just before Thanksgiving I will no longer be a fatty.  Just in time to eat some pumpkin crack!!! Wish me luck.