So the biblical rain seems to be over…but while it was still occurring I got to drive in it for the first time since the C-section!  As soon as I left the driveway I said, “Wow!  I feel human again!”  Where was I going and why was I driving?  Well for those of you who don’t know, our pediatrician wanted us to go get Maya’s hips ultrasounded at Children’s Hospital to rule out developmental hip dysplasia due to her breech presentation at birth.  Of course we booked this appt. for today, after which this crazy rain started.

We went to leave and were all ready when Evan’s car decided to go beserk – alarm went off and wouldn’t stop…we tried to fix it but to no avail.  Maya slept through the whole thing, but that meant I had to drive my car,which I hadn’t done in oh…a month. The weather was terrible – all the idiots were out without their lights on, driving too fast, talking on their phones  (don’t they know the rule? wipers on, lights on! hands-free! ahhhh!!!) and we had to drive into Hollywood so as you can imagine, baby girl got to hear LOTS of what she heard while she was in utero – Mommy cussing at other drivers!  No wonder she slept the whole way there, it was like she was back inside!  Actually she slept until I woke her up when we got home. She was so good – she is the best baby in the world.  Hopefully the results will come back all clear and we won’t have to worry anymore.