She’s here! And has been for a few days…

Eight days ago today, my daughter Maya was born.  Daughter. Saying it kinda feels in my mouth the way husband felt after I married Evan. Full, surreal, exciting, giddiness-inducing…right.

I was 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  The baby had been super active the past 2 days and I felt like she was trying to fight her way out. We had just finished putting together Maya’s room the day before and Evan had just finished the 2 pregnancy books I had him reading that morning (one of which he called papier-mâché due to its Je ne c’est quois dryness).  I was very uncomfortable – contemplating taking a long walk and eating dinner at Caioti (home of the “special” salad dressing which supposedly induces labor).  I was also cranky.  We ate eggs and bacon and bagels for a late breakfast and puttered around the house a bit until we decided around 1:30p to take a shower (our usual place of contemplation and discussion…).  I was waiting for Evan to wash his hair and thinking about how when I got out of the shower I would Google “how contractions feel” as I wasn’t sure if I was having anything other than Braxton Hicks and wanted to be prepared.  Something came over me in the shower and I felt the need to sit down. Luckily for me there is a small seat in our shower and I plopped my big pregnant butt down on it and leaned a bit to the right as I was not able to fully sit on the seat. I was telling Evan of my plans and the symptoms I was having and he proceeded to tell me that in the books he read, none of the symptoms sounded like labor. Not a moment later, I felt a “pop” and a gush of yellowish fluid ran onto the shower floor. I thought – dang.  Have I become incontinent overnight? I was really diligent with my Kegels so didn’t think that was it…then it dawned on me and I said to Evan, “Um, I think my water just broke?” For some reason the idea of this – given our current conversation, where I was and the timing – made me crack up laughing. I stood up and periodically, gushes continued to flow out.  So I became calm, given I knew there was likely no rush since 4 seconds before I didn’t even think I was in labor. I had Evan put the remaining items in the hospital bag and grab me a few beach towels so I could stem the flow (this never actually happened and I soaked through several pads and my pants on the way to to hospital) and try to get dressed.  I also called and left a message for my OB and told her we were headed to the hospital.  I called my Mom to tell her as well and Ev called his Mom and Wendi to start the phone tree.   About half an hour later we were on our way…on the way there I realized I had forgotten all copies of my revised birth plan at home…and laughed at the amount of time I had spent agonizing over it.  It didn’t matter as now the baby was coming and that made me not care as much how she got here as long as she did so safely!

When we got to L&D, they checked me for dilation and …my cervix was still closed. Huh?? How can copious amounts of amniotic fluid rush out when the “out” door is sealed shut?  Regardless they tested the fluid and it was what I had thought…so I was admitted and they brought out the ultrasound to see the baby’s positioning.  Bad news – she was breech. Again.  This pretty much guaranteed me a Caesarean.  Totally not what I planned or wanted but I quickly learned I had no control over the situation and let it go – at least on the outside.  Due to my late breakfast there was an issue with when the OR could be scheduled so I had to wait until 8p to go in.  In the meantime my mom and sister showed up to keep me company and I actually started having contractions and I also lost my mucous plug.  My BP was high when I got in but lowered while I lay there resting  so I was able to avoid the magnesium.  My blood work showed my potassium was really low so I had that put in to my IV as well.  As I got closer to my surgery, my BP steadily rose (I was as my sister, mom and I say – “nerbus”) and by the time I got in the OR it was 175/110 – WHOA!  They took me in to do the spinal which barely hurt (thanks Dr. Olson!) and then flipped me on the table to prep.  The numbness made me VERY panicky and the whole legs unable to move thing freaked me out big time.  Once Evan came in I felt much better….and about 3 seconds after he did come in I heard the docs say “here she is…” — Given I thought they were still prepping for surgery I had no idea Maya was here, until she screamed her head off 🙂 It was so incredibly fast and bizarre to be laying there not feeling anything physically during one of the most emotionally – if not THE most emotionally charged moments of my life.  She continued to cry (not only due to the shock of being born but also due to the laceration she got on her thigh due to the amniotic sac being nearly empty when they cut me)…and I finally realized my daughter had been born so I started to cry.  After cleaning her up and making her into a baby burrito (my nickname for hospital swaddle) they showed her to me and she was (and is) so beautiful. I kissed her cheek and touched her soft skin…and then sent Evan with her to the nursery while they sewed me up.  Once the baby was out, my OB and her assistant proceeded to talk about the BCS game and the Rose Parade and I chimed in while they burned a cyst off one of my tubes …so odd. ODD! They finished , showed me the GIANT KNOT that had been in her cord… I said thanks and they sent me to recovery.  Recovery wasn’t bad except it dragged forever, I had the shakes like a junkie and no one updated me about Maya for what seemed like an eternity. 

I got to my room after 11p and they brought my little girl to me (along with my husband) and our little family was together for the first time.  Maya weighed 7lbs. 7 oz. at birth and was 17 inches long.  She is a perfect little specimen with golden brown hair, and what look to be bluish eyes…and I can’t believe she came out of me.  We came home on Thursday the 7th and have been adjusting to our new lives with the help of family and friends ever since (special shout out to my mom and Ev’s mom who are staying with us, and have cooked copious amounts of food for us, respectively).  

I am so lucky and happy and blessed to have her despite the fact that I am so tired and sore I could cry (and often have.)  Thanks for choosing me to be your mommy Maya bean – I love you!

By Joy

I'm 42, a remarried mom of an 8 year old girl and a toddler son, a teacher, and a writer. People tell me I tend to be brutally honest and ...tell it like it is, so I had hoped to use this outlet to keep me sane while I got used to my new life as a stay-at-home Mom back when I was home with my worked. And it's been therapeutic through the end of a marriage and the emergence of me...

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