Peeve and Prego Update

Peeve – A-holes throwing cigarette butts out of their car windows.  We share the earth – don’t feel that your lazy arse owns it and can pollute it at will.  If you so choose to stink up your own car, at least follow thru and dispose of the butt IN your car, not in the street so someone has to clean up after you, or worse it just ends up on the beach or in the ocean.

Prego Update – 36 weeks + 2 days today. Saw the new doctor in the practice …and I actually like her better than my regular one. Great bedside manner, extremely thorough – took an entire history.  BP was great 116/64, only gained 3 lbs. in 2 weeks according to them, and was only measuring at 38 weeks this time around (phew) The only thing I DIDN’T like that she said is that somehow all of a sudden I have Gestational Diabetes.  I took the test before I left for Hawaii towards the end of October and at that point the doctor had said I passed.  Then my last appt. she said my results were passing but borderline and I should watch my diet (which I have been doing just with the addition of some holiday cookies) and now I see this new Dr. and she tells me that three out of the four results are abnormal.   This is annoying for several reasons – 1) it would be nice if I could have a consistent answer across the practice 2) I have less than 4 weeks left to my due date…if the results were that far off, and I should have been doing something about this since the original test  – that isn’t cool! 3) If the results AREN’T that far off…then can’t they just give me  a menu to follow or a diet and not have a 9 month pregnant woman running around the city trying to chase appointments when all the docs are trying to close for the holidays. They were going to send me to see the peri across the street at the hospital, but apparently he had no appts. this week (it’s Xmas – duh!) …so it looks like I have to travel across the hill to some joint by Cedars to see someone who DOES have an appt.

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