Extracting the truth

I rolled the tiny glass vial slowly between my thumb and forefinger. I wondered whose lips the rose-colored serum would cross…there was only enough for one person’s truth besides my own.  What did I want to know?  My lover’s intentions? No. Those were better revealed in another manner.  Maybe the better question was who did I… Continue reading Extracting the truth

Day Eighteen – First Person POV

This is like, totally nuts. I mean, who ever thought Auntie P would ever get kicked out of her house? I mean, you’d think people would cut her a little slack since Uncle P died. That’s so scary!  What if WE got kicked out of OUR house? Where would we go? Damn, I hope we… Continue reading Day Eighteen – First Person POV

An assignment on brevity – Writing 101 Day Five

I was not the only one who discovered this rare spot of solitude along the crowded path – perfect for meditation, and clearly letter writing. As I bent down to pick up the folded page, I felt just a little bit guilty – these words were not meant for me, I was sure.  But just… Continue reading An assignment on brevity – Writing 101 Day Five