Life Changes: Spinning…Spun. Spent…Surviving.

Oh man, how I’ve missed this space and at the same time…it’s been the most difficult space in my life for me to be in. That’s me up there…the spinning top.  It’s been exactly 8 months since I’ve published anything here…and forever and a day since I actually sat down to write this the first… Continue reading Life Changes: Spinning…Spun. Spent…Surviving.

Stand Up, Sit-In or March – A Tribute to MLK, Jr.

On this day, we celebrate MLK, Jr., his dreams and ideals. Under normal circumstances and in the past, I’d listen to his famous speeches, talk to the little monkey about history, thank the universe we were making progress. This year…is different. The circumstances are not normal, no matter how some people try to make it… Continue reading Stand Up, Sit-In or March – A Tribute to MLK, Jr.

Surrender – For Charlie

  Quiet after stormy cries Resting tiny limbs on mine Relief for me, I can quell distress Relief for him, feeling tenderness   I take a quick peek Eyelids closing slow Just one minute more… But mama, she knows   It’s time for baby boy to sleep Delay too long Sweet boy will weep  … Continue reading Surrender – For Charlie

Missed Understanding

Since it’s World Poetry Day, I wanted to share a longer form poem I wrote about a month ago for a contest (I did not win, in case you were wondering…) Relationships, whether they be parental, familial, or spousal are not always rainbows and roses. Sometimes they are difficult, dark and dank. But if you… Continue reading Missed Understanding

Wednesday Word of the Day – Sushiful

Never enough...

su-shi-ful – (so͞oshəfəl)  adjective 1: having qualities of being full of sushi, namely a bloated belly and a smile on one’s face Examples: I’m totally sushiful – I’m pretty sure those eight rolls expanded into 24 in my belly and I am now made partly of sticky rice. OR My pants won’t close, I must still… Continue reading Wednesday Word of the Day – Sushiful

I’ve got the Luck of the Bloggers! Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’m the furthest thing I could probably be from Irish, but I feel lucky despite that. The blogosphere has been a fun place to be as of late and I want to do something today I’ve meant to do since October (egads!) — formally accept Kat’s Crazy Award from her online home over at Dandelion… Continue reading I’ve got the Luck of the Bloggers! Happy St. Patrick’s Day