B is for Bake Cookies for Someone #atozchallenge

When I was in college, my Great Aunt Judy used to send me care packages, complete with her absolutely delicious, never-to-be-replicated Cowboy Cookies, along with some other goodies. Especially during my first year, when I would find myself a little bit homesick, those cookies were such a bright spot – not only did they taste… Continue reading B is for Bake Cookies for Someone #atozchallenge

30 Days of Thanks – Day 10 (Chocolate)

Today I am thankful for chocolate. Especially the kind that comes in my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  In small doses, the dark version is good for your health and in larger does, the semi-sweet variety is not (but I eat it anyway.) Either way, it all tastes good and makes everything better .