J is for Jump In #atozchallenge

When the going gets tough, rough and ugly, the kind thing to do is Jump In and get your hands dirty. If you see someone in trouble, in need of help, do exactly that – help! There are so many situations that come up where people need help. A friend posted on Facebook the other… Continue reading J is for Jump In #atozchallenge

Hotel California

The Man and I were doing what we often do on an evening where we don’t have any other pressing plans or writing to do– watching yet another episode of Anthony Bourdain’s travel/food bonanza shows. I love watching because it gives me the chance to armchair travel, and eat in a way so that I… Continue reading Hotel California

Check out my guest post over at Bag Lady Lulu!

Hey y’all – it’s Friday eve!   Just wanted to let you all know, I guest blogged over at Bag Lady Lulu today! If you’ve never heard of Kristen Fairgrieve and her beautiful, custom-made journals, please check out her blog and her shop on Etsy as well.