Extracting the truth

I rolled the tiny glass vial slowly between my thumb and forefinger. I wondered whose lips the rose-colored serum would cross…there was only enough for one person’s truth besides my own.  What did I want to know?  My lover’s intentions? No. Those were better revealed in another manner.  Maybe the better question was who did I… Continue reading Extracting the truth

Profile of the Prime Suspect – Who me. Who me! Who me?

I’m getting back to my online class now, 5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers (because when I was still working, I found it very hard to actually give any time to it…go figure!) This particular investigation refers to Douglas Rice’s ‘The Curiosity Manifesto’ in which he says people fall into three categories: The period (.)… Continue reading Profile of the Prime Suspect – Who me. Who me! Who me?

A study in character – Day Six (A Day Late)

I’ve met a lot of people in my life from all walks of life; they’ve been all different colors, shapes and sizes.  When they come to me, it’s for a fresh start, at least in my eyes.  Sometimes though, I’ll get one that is stuck in the mire of their previous experience, and often they… Continue reading A study in character – Day Six (A Day Late)

An assignment on brevity – Writing 101 Day Five

I was not the only one who discovered this rare spot of solitude along the crowded path – perfect for meditation, and clearly letter writing. As I bent down to pick up the folded page, I felt just a little bit guilty – these words were not meant for me, I was sure.  But just… Continue reading An assignment on brevity – Writing 101 Day Five

Loss, Part One

I’m not quite sure when it happened exactly, but it did.  At some point, emptiness replaced contentment.  Anger replaced appreciation.  Desperation replaced fear.  Purposeful, joyous movements became perfunctory…curt…nonexistent.  Things that were comfortable became ill-fitting. The remote control became a WMD, when it used to be a shot of novocaine.  I couldn’t be comfortably numb any… Continue reading Loss, Part One

A view from my room

A slice of morning light shines through the tiny sliver between blackout curtains, invading my sleep like a warmed knife does butter.  No sound. Eyes opening slowly, I glance upwards at my alarm clock and can only see the first half of a cerulean blue 7 – still too early. Thank God. Sensing my alertness,… Continue reading A view from my room