Babymoon of the Mini Variety – Ojai

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As the expansion of our family is nearing closer every day, I wanted us to have a little getaway prior to our baby boy’s arrival. We didn’t have a lot to spend, so we couldn’t go far and we were just in Santa Barbara in June. In all of my time living in California, I’ve… Continue reading Babymoon of the Mini Variety – Ojai

Where were you on 9/11?

14 years have passed…my life has changed quite a bit since I posted this last, but my memories of that day have not.  I still look at planes differently. I still think differently when I cross the street, wondering if the worst will happen. I’ve ditched most of the news addiction…and for me and my… Continue reading Where were you on 9/11?

Y is for Yellowstone National Park

Okay, major confession here.  I kind of alluded to it in my C is for California post, but I didn’t say it straight out. I’ve never been to a proper National Park.  (Gasp!!!!!!) I know, living in the United States, and never having been, whatsa matta you? Well, a few things – I haven’t the first clue how… Continue reading Y is for Yellowstone National Park

T is for Train Travel


Living in this big metropolis, I’m eager to do anything that makes it so I have to deal with traffic less.  When I can I take the Metro (earthquake country’s version of the subway)…honestly if you’re headed to Dodger Stadium or Downtown Los Angeles from the San Fernando Valley, you can’t beat it.  The stations… Continue reading T is for Train Travel

S is for Sedona

My kind of cathedral

  I’ve only got a few letters left so I wanted to make a brief return to my burgeoning bucket list and tell you about my grand desires to go to Sedona, Arizona.  Between the Native American history and the natural beauty, I’m pretty sure I would be in heaven there.  It’s also a good… Continue reading S is for Sedona

P is for Portuguese Citizenship…

I couldn’t possibly let the rest of the Iberian Peninsula go without me addressing it during A to Z – so today “P” is for Portuguese Citizenship.  If you’ve read my “B” post, you’ll know that one day I’d really like to make it to Barcelona, and the rest of Spain.  While I’m there, I’d… Continue reading P is for Portuguese Citizenship…