Want to improve your week? Focus on the “right”

Mindful and Meditative Mondays #20 Focus on the "Right"

What have you been keeping track of lately? Do I mean don’t look to the left? Or  do I mean only check out Fox News and not CNN or MSNBC? Nope, I’m not talking about either of those things. But here is what I am saying… It’s a whole lot easier to keep track of someone’s… Continue reading Want to improve your week? Focus on the “right”

R is for Recognize a Job Well Done #atozchallenge

They say feed what you want to grow, right? So for today – recognize a job well done.  Not only is it nice for the other person to hear that they’ve done well, it feels good to say it…and it can inspire more good things to happen along the way. Here are a few ways… Continue reading R is for Recognize a Job Well Done #atozchallenge

E is for Expectations, Managed #atozchallenge

A blog post title as a play on a certain spell from a certain movie with a wizard in the lead role (mischief, anyone?) leads me to today’s act of kindness. Manage your expectations. This includes being clear on what they are to others and most importantly, to yourself. Most of us are not mind… Continue reading E is for Expectations, Managed #atozchallenge

Review: One Potato

I could have eaten this all day long and twice on Sunday

No, I’m not reviewing how a single potato tastes, and it is only coincidental that I’m writing about potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday about a little green dude who likes gold that originated in a country that had a potato famine.  Wait, that’s not what the holiday is about? Phew, good thing I’m… Continue reading Review: One Potato

A sleeping baby…

Strait Jacket - or lifesaver?

It’s been 9 weeks and this little man had not been the “good” sleeper his sister or brother was.  From the beginning he’d only sleep on a human or near a human or mo’ bettah, a human with a soft boob (hey, I have 2!)… I thought once he came out I’d have freedom of… Continue reading A sleeping baby…

Surrender – For Charlie

  Quiet after stormy cries Resting tiny limbs on mine Relief for me, I can quell distress Relief for him, feeling tenderness   I take a quick peek Eyelids closing slow Just one minute more… But mama, she knows   It’s time for baby boy to sleep Delay too long Sweet boy will weep  … Continue reading Surrender – For Charlie