Fall Style Game Plan for Newish Moms

It’s the most wonderful time…of the yeaaar…Fall!

As many of you may know today is the first day of Fall. Or is it Autumn you prefer? More importantly it’s also the first day of my favorite season EVER! Note: This post contains affiliate/referral links. 

Seriously, I love it. It means the crazy heat of summer is slowly ebbing and I can start thinking about wearing cozy things again. Except…can I?

What fits? Right now…not much.

I realized yesterday as this date approached, that last year at this time, I was cutely pregnant, had a bunch of adorable sweater dresses and was set in terms of wardrobe. I also had a special internal heater called Charlie that required not more than a light cardigan to keep me warm.

Unfortunately I still have not dropped all of the weight that I put on while carrying the young master. I’m not sweating the time period, since he’s just nine months old and I’m still nursing.

Charlie 9 months, baby boy
He’s now been out longer than he was in!

Also, as it does when one has had two children and joins the 40+ Club, the weight is sticking to different parts of my body.  Cue the panicked tears…what the hell am I going to wear to keep me cozy this year?

When I’m home with the little dude, I’m not going to lie – I pretty much live in yoga pants, nursing tanks and the occasional flannel if the weather warrants it. I have control of the thermostat and my primary concern is comfort.

A few days of the week though, I still have to join the world of the traditionally-working folk and dress like my teachery self, where my choices are much more limited and the thermostats much more unpredictable.  I usually find myself at several different locations where the indoor temperatures range from subtropical to Arctic, even within the same location. To add to my dilemma, we are still in for some warm if not scalding days here in So Cal, so the likelihood of me going from a 69°F room to 95° degrees on my walk to lunch is high.  Sweater dresses, as much as I love them aren’t going to work for the moment. Plus, I have none that fit. Sooo….what’s a girl to do?

Fall Style Game Plan for Newish Moms

I’ve put together a game plan.

It involves a few new outfits, some new accessories, and a bit of layering.

First, I’ve repurposed.

My favorite non-legging related bottom to wear is the maxi skirt. I have several that made it from pre-pregnancy all the way through the 9 months Charlie used me as his first home, and they have continued to serve. Most, if not all of them are the Merona brand from Target. They are versatile, soft (definitely one of my favorite things I like to touch!), and inexpensive. I have one similar to the one shown below in blue stripe, in addition to black, gray, b&w patterned, navy blue striped, mauve and brown.

Chevron Striped Merona Skirt from Target
Chevron Striped Merona Skirt from Target

I wear these with a tank and cardigan on top, a nice blouse,  or if I’m going out on the weekends, just a tank. They can keep me cool as they are light in case the weather is still warm, and they look great with my knee-high boots so can function well once those temps drop.

Second, I’ve purchased. Not a lot, but a Le Tote. What?  Yes, I’ve decided to try my hand (or body shape in this case) at one of those clothing rental companies that will send you packages in the mail full of personally styled items, chosen to fit your body type for a reasonable monthly price. Le Tote, to me, is the Netflix of clothing.  Here’s how it works:

Your tote is styled for you according to your preferences and size, and you have 48 hours to swap pieces out. It’s sent in a cute little box

Le Tote box
These little boxes have definitely made my clothing life less limited these days!

with a welcome pack basically telling you to wear everything in good health, take pics, and when you’re done pop them back in the mail.  No laundering required, postage paid. Oh, and if you want to purchase any items, you may do so at a reduced price. So far, I’ve received two boxes and am awaiting my third. It’s a great way to try new items to go with what you already have without breaking the bank. Here’s one of the items I got several compliments on – a great butterfly print scarf by AVA:

AVA Butterfly Print Scarf from Le Tote
I never would have picked it out but I loved it and got tons of compliments!

Third, I’m going to layer. Tank top, shirt/blouse, cardigan, scarf. If I wear a dress, I’ll be wearing leggings underneath.

This got me thinking, what do guys do about this? Some of them get cold right? Or do all dudes just pretend not to be cold? The Man has a lovely leather jacket (a gift from me, natch) that he wears when it gets to be somewhat close to English temperatures here in California. Beyond that, in the near 3.5 years I’ve known him, he’s never ever worn a sweater. Even though he often complains about it being cold in the office, he can’t really layer like I would. What he does do is wear undershirts, as it’s a great protector for your clothes from normal wear and tear as a result of sweat. I’ve been pondering getting him some new ones for the holidays because his current ones are getting on in years…and I found these on the Tommy John website:

It’s too bad there isn’t any way to feel the fabric through the interwebs…

And then I went exploring and found these underwear…crap. The Man is going to read this and now one of his gifts might be ruined.  Oopsies. Well, that will satisfy my track record for accidentally telling him what his gifts are for this year. But seriously, good options for the professional dude looking to be warm, but not bulky or too warm. Because you know what happens when dudes get TOO warm in certain places. I’ll stop there.

P.S. I know I usually post things I like to touch/feel on Fridays, but today is the first day of Fall. Did I say that already? I couldn’t resist!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate/referral links, which means I might receive a little coin if you make a purchase using a link. Although this post contains these nifty links, all opinions are my own.

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