Distance by Bless Monet (Cover)

Bless at the beach Photo Credit: Nicole K Photography @nicole.k.photography
Bless at the beach Photo Credit: Nicole K Photography @nicole.k.photography

Picture this – me, in a park, listening to a colleague, one Miss Bless Monet sing at a benefit. I turn to my friend P and say, “Why isn’t she doing this for a living? She should be doing this on the regular. I mean, I’d miss her, but SHE SHOULD BE DOING THIS FOR A LIVING!” Oops, I shouted. But I really wanted her to hear me!

Have you ever known one of these people? One of those you meet under not-so-creative circumstances (often known as the “day job”). You discover they have a hidden talent and then hope that they are relentlessly pursuing this as a career? For me, Bless is this person.  She was the face that I would look at every day when I was still working full-time. Literally, we sat directly across from one another and could communicate without words…which was good because sometimes, we couldn’t understand what the other one was saying if we spoke! She ran the place and did it with grace and a smile, not to mention an efficiency that made everyone else’s job easier.

I got an inkling into her talents when I had her help out with our Glee Club at school. She opened her mouth and I was blown away.  Whenever we could get away with it, we’d sing together, whether it be during Glee, on a Friday when it was quiet, or during an audit where we all needed something to keep us awake!  We both have a penchant for 90s r&b even though she was only a little girl when many of these songs came out!

Bless at the beach Photo Credit: Nicole K Photography IG: @nicole.k.photography
Bless at the beach Photo Credit: Nicole K Photography IG: @nicole.k.photography


More About Bless Monet

As you might imagine, I couldn’t be happier that Bless is pursuing her music career with gusto, continuing to write songs and sing whenever and wherever she can. When she’s not doing that, she’s still helping high school students with their education as well as focusing on her own studies in communications.  An active member in her church, Heart of Worship, she also coordinates for an evangelistic ministry called Turning Point.  As if that wasn’t enough, she also dabbles in writing, including this interview in Felix Magazine.

Her sound reflects her pop and r&b influences and it’s always a pleasure to hear her…so for your Sunday earwig, please give a listen to Bless’ cover of an Emily King song called “Distance.” Definitely a funky groove and one that gets stuck in your head #sorrynotsorry.

Your Sunday Earwig

Look out for some new material on Bless’ YouTube channel, Bless Monet. And please check her out here:

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