What have you been keeping track of lately?

Do I mean don’t look to the left? Or  do I mean only check out Fox News and not CNN or MSNBC? Nope, I’m not talking about either of those things. But here is what I am saying…

It’s a whole lot easier to keep track of someone’s wrongs, or focus on “wrongs” in general, especially if they are repeated, or even perceived to be repeated. It’s definitely easier to focus on these things – in fact sometimes I think many in the world (in particular, those that make lots of money off of coping tools) are hoping we will do just that. They hope we focus on the wrong so that we will search for coping mechanisms in order to deal.

Take a look at the evening news, local or national, every night of the week. Even during the Olympics, the broadcasters chose to focus on the one thing negative that happened that day rather than all of the winning that occurred.  It’s actually a huge reason why I don’t watch news or television on a regular basis, because it makes me focus on those things, and that is not where I want my energy to be directed.

Focus Your Energy – On the “Right”

For this week, I’m consciously choosing to focus on the “right.” It’s a whole lot harder than the other way. It takes effort. Sometimes it takes constant reminders. Don’t click on the news app, Joy. Don’t listen to talk radio.  Don’t look backwards to the mistakes made, look forward to the opportunities that are coming. Catch people being good! Keep a running list of the “rights” that happen this week, instead of the “wrongs” and see how your week changes…and report back! I want to know how yours goes, and I’ll tell you how mine goes too.

Mindful and Meditative Mondays #20 Focus on the "Right"

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