The  2nd quickest post in the world begins now.

As of April 1, this blog will be propelled by kindness. Not that it isn’t already propelled by kindness (well, that, gratitude and a healthy dose of reality), but for the month of April, I’ll be blogging from A to Z once again, this time exploring ways in which we can incorporate kindness into our daily lives.

I found this theme out of an extension of my last year’s offerings for the same challenge, but it wasn’t my first choice. I debated on doing a few other topics but settled on this, mostly because I feel like the climate of the world right now is not nearly kind enough, and I want to feed what I’d like to grow.

I’m 10 days ahead of last year’s schedule which is good because I’ll need to write the majority of these posts before April 1 as we have family coming to town from the UK and Kentucky. So here goes….

I hope you’ll join me!

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