A sleeping baby…

Strait Jacket - or lifesaver?

It’s been 9 weeks and this little man had not been the “good” sleeper his sister or brother was.  From the beginning he’d only sleep on a human or near a human or mo’ bettah, a human with a soft boob (hey, I have 2!)…

I thought once he came out I’d have freedom of movement again in sleeping, but that has not proven to be the case. Since I’ve been nursing him to sleep, in the beginning he’d end up on my chest and sleep there curled up in a little ball and once I mastered the side-lying nursing position, he’d stay nestled up in my armpit until he got hungry. And then he’d bicycle his little legs and turn his head back and forth frantically until I woke up and shoved a boob in his mouth.

So you can imagine my delight when this finally happened…

Strait Jacket - or lifesaver?
Strait Jacket – or lifesaver?

He slept in his bassinet! My back might survive his childhood after all.

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How did we accomplish this? Three things – one that we had tried, but didn’t work as well the first few times and one thing we thought was a fluke but is the best thing since sliced bread, oh and a pinch of patience.

  1. A SwaddleMe Swaddle – as many times as I had a nurse show me how to do this with a receiving blanket, I could never get it quite right. I could get something nice going with a muslin swaddle like these but he’d wiggle out and it was too loose to keep the flailing limbs at bay. The SwaddleMe Swaddles have velcro in all the right places and are simultaneously warm and cool enough for baby to have a comfortable night’s sleep (well…at least a good few hours.)
  2. The Sound Sleeper app – This thing. Is. The. BOMB.  I had an inkling that loud sounds might be the trick a few weeks ago when I took out my Dust Buster to get rid of the crumbfest that always lies beneath the bigger monkey’s dining room chair.  As I zipped up all the remnants of dinners past, I noticed the baby had conked out…like really conked out.  I thought to myself, could it have been the very loud dust-busting sound that made this miracle happen?  He slept for a few hours that day soundly in his bouncer chair, which he had not done before…but I thought it was a fluke. Fast forward to desperate parents needing a solid night’s sleep and a good cuddle without a baby in between us and lo and behold the sound worked once again! And we don’t have to actually be cleaning to get the sound…this app is awesome. It has something for everyone  – whatever white noise tickles your fancy, all you do is press a button and it’s there for you. There is a free version which only plays the sound for 30 minutes and the pay version which plays until your battery dies, with the addition of a few other bells and whistles..and I swear, it is the best few bucks I’ve spent in a good long time.
  3. Using the 5-minute rule – whereas the first time around, I’d grab the baby at the first whimper, this time if we hear stirring, we wait 5 minutes to see what’s what. Often, he is crying in his sleep, with eyes closed…perhaps dreaming of his “la” being taken away, or of mama attacking him with that horrible green snot sucker.  More often than not, he settles himself in a minute or two. If he continues to cry, or goes all crazy cry on us, we console him or get him up, but we learned that if we let that 5 minutes go by he usually settles and he’ll get a much better nap and be a much happier baby when he *is* truly awake. This may not be for everyone, but seriously…it is soooo for us.

And yeah, this is definitely a thing I like to see….

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