Love to feel this little body surrender on mine...

Love to feel this little body surrender on mine…

Quiet after stormy cries

Resting tiny limbs on mine

Relief for me, I can quell distress

Relief for him, feeling tenderness


I take a quick peek

Eyelids closing slow

Just one minute more…

But mama, she knows


It’s time for baby boy to sleep

Delay too long

Sweet boy will weep


Settled now in sweet surrender

Swaddled, peaceful white noise renders


Melting hearts – divine


Sleep tight, son of mine


I’ve been a little lax lately in my “sense” postings….okay a lot lax. I don’t like to write if I’m not inspired…but now I am. So I hope you enjoyed my little offering on this Friday – an ode of love to my little boy. Wishing you all a lovely weekend …