smoke-a-nut – (/smōkəˌnət) noun

1: the three-syllable word that exists in most realms to only rhyme with the other noun, coconut


Conversation with the little monkey while giving me rhyming pairs on the way home.
Her: Tree, bee!
Me: Yep! Good one!
Her: Coconut… Smokeanut!
Me: Yes, I suppose that does rhyme….

2: In only one realm, a nickname for a coconut that has been used as an ashtray, or a place to store one’s vape smoke


Hey dude, give me that smokeanut, this cigarette is nearly out.

Hey dude, give me that smokeanut….(blows vape smoke into a small hole designed to house the annoying vapors that come out of that annoying contraption)…



Bonus gem from the little monkey today:
Her: Mom, I want to go on a got. Do they have TVs on a got? Do they have to wear seat belts?
Me: A what?
Her: A got. You know a got!
Me:(shaking head…) What’s a got? Where did you see a got?
Her: On LEGO: Friends.
Me: Wait. Do you mean a yacht?
Her: Yeah, a yacht.
Me: Oh. (Dying inside of laughter…trying to answer questions with a straight face.)


Kids say the darndest things.