If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if you felt that Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” was just an updated version of Hall and Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” because I really do.  I’d tell you the Man and I were driving in the car yesterday to go get a bite to eat (yes, I confess…it was In-N-Out – it’s what a hamburger’s all about) and the Hall and Oates song came on the radio.  It’s an early 80s (1981, to be exact) cheesy song, but I still quite like it. This time around, the first thing that popped into my head when it started playing was the Meatloaf tune, and I said to him…it’s the same song! Not lyrically or musically, but topically – a guy telling his girl what he’s willing to do…and what he’s not.

I’d tell you that this past Friday was my dear friend Mandy’s last day at work. We’ve celebrated her for the past week and I’m going to miss her like crazy.  Nothing like a dry sense of adult humour to brighten a dark day with teenagers.  I know we’ll keep in touch, but my daily dose of Larry David-style funny will be missing.  Sad face on my part but I’m so happy for her fresh start.

I’d tell you the flurry of earthquakes around my area lately (that thankfully I have not felt) finally encouraged me to update my earthquake kit.  As we suspected, nearly all the food (except the bright green packets of tuna) had expired.  We’re headed to Target to update and hopefully ward off any large shakers. (I’d also tell you that I know that is actually not a thing, but that it makes me feel better to be prepared.)

I’d tell you that I FINALLY got my hair cut and colored. Here’s proof:

The New Me_July 2015



I couldn’t believe how much gray hair was on my head and after 5 months of doing nothing to it, it was really evident. I’d tell you I’m not generally a vain person (I never wear makeup unless I’m going to a wedding or something, and I’m not a fashion plate) but the gray…I just can’t. At least not yet.  Then hopefully you’d say it looked a helluva lot better than before and I’d say, “Why thank you!”

I’d tell you I’m 3/4 of the way through another Kindle First book that I’m reading called Helen of SpartaIt’s a bit of romance, a bit of historical fiction, a lot of myth and heroes, but the part I really like is that it takes the Helen of Troy story and tells it from Helen’s point of view.  I’m all for a strong female lead character in whatever form it comes.

I’d also tell you I’ve got a crapload of errands to run, including Target, Babies R Us, Living Spaces (scoping out cribs!) and fixing my headlamp….AGAIN, plus grading to do, so I’d better skedaddle.

But before I go (did you think I’d leave you hanging?) – here are those earwigs I mentioned earlier – happy Sunday!