And ….alliteration, but that’s not what we’re talking about today.  Today I’m flashing back to the Daily Post’s June 26 Photo Challenge that asked us to discuss our muse.  What do I turn to again, and again to inspire me to create? I’ve always thought the idea of a muse was romantic. For me it conjured up images of porcelain French women, chic in dress and spunky in attitude, walking down the Left Bank of the Seine and attracting the glances of many a man and woman. But only one considered her a muse. She would meet him in his studio, talk, pose, and inspire.  See? Romantic.

I’ve found for me, there are two main subjects that have me grabbing my camera (or in my case my iPhone 5s and tapping the camera app.)

First, la mia figlia, my daughter – known to most of you as the little monkey.  I know most parents take tons of pictures of their babes (at least the first ones!), but for me it’s more.  She has such an expressive face and I love to try to capture her moods and feelings in a single frame.  Here is one of my favorites, taken while waiting for a quick bite to eat before a movie:

Arclight Cinemas, Sherman Oaks, Restaurant


I love how the light catches her hair, and how her slight smirk alludes to her reserved annoyance at having to wait for anything.  The left side of the photo is slightly overexposed (okay, more than slightly) but it gives a nice contrast to the dark colors of the booth.

My other muse is nature.  Beach, sky, and most recently, flowers.  I’ve written about the gardenia in my courtyard before, and this spring, I got the pleasure of watching them blossom from the bud.  I’ve included the series below – I still stop by them in hopes there might be some beauties, but the summer heat seems to zap them quickly.

Enjoy …and tell me, what’s your muse?