Mindful and Meditative Mondays #15 – Choose your attitude

Choose Your Attitude

We took the little monkey to a birthday party yesterday.  She was still a little jet-lagged and thus probably not operating at her best.  However, she started exhibiting a particular trait that I am trying quite hard to teach her is not very becoming or useful.

At every turn if something didn’t go her way, and there was nothing she nor I could do to change the situation, she started to get a little what I like to call…melty.  She tends to get stuck on one idea, and then if that one idea can’t happen in the exact way she wants it, in the right order, at the exact time, she has a fit.  Yes, I know she’s five, and I’m not trying to prevent her from getting upset, because she is entitled to have her feelings (all of them), but I want her to learn that if she dwells in the negative and has this reaction every time something crappy happens, it’s going to be a very long, hard life for her.

This happened several times at the party, to the degree where at one point I told her, “Monkey, you have to choose your attitude.  If you can’t accept the situation as it is, then I’m going to take you home.” I meant it. As lovely as a pool in July is, the heat is not my friend, and it is even less of a friend when I am pregnant.  I wouldn’t have minded going home to the air-conditioning and if she was going to continue to make it a miserable experience for herself, then I was going to remove her from the situation because at that point, no one in our party was having fun.

I walked away from her and told her that she had a chance to choose her attitude while I was gone, and if it didn’t change, we were going to skedaddle on out of there.

I returned and she had chosen wisely. (So says the knight from Indiana Jones 3….only the penitent man shall pass…but I digress.)

So I thought that for today and this week, the thing I want to be mindful of is choosing my attitude and helping the monkey choose hers.  What’s your attitude going to be this week?

Choose a great one 🙂


Choose Your Attitude

By Joy

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