U is for Utter Joy

Joshua Tree Yoga Handstand

Yesterday, I went to a yoga class taught by one of my new favorite teachers of the trade, David Lynch.  The first class of his I went to, he made us do hand stands.  Terror spread from head to toe, because a) I had never done one before and b) I had never done one before.  I also had to get seriously up close and personal with my neighbor as well as our instructor because we were both newbies and needed help.  He gave us direction, and basically served as our spotter while we tried this seemingly impossible feat.  When it was my turn, I forgot how much I weighed, that I was about to catapult my crotch into a stranger’s face and went for it.  To my surprise, I went right up, and held it for about a minute.  What a surge of confidence! I had accomplished what five minutes before I felt totally impossible.

I won’t lie – I was sore from that class for a solid five days, but I couldn’t wait to go back.

Last night’s class was a little more laid-back, and I was grateful for that because it’s been a long week and I was tired.

I stretched, and held.

I breathed, in and out, deeply.

I perspired. No, let’s not be dainty about it – it was sweat. Coming off my head and the rest of my body, in buckets.

And at the end, when I thought I was about to collapse, he told us something that he said would likely and should bring us “utter joy”…we were about to get a 10-minute savasana, or rest. He wasn’t kidding.  Tears sprang to my eyes. I arranged my bolster and blocks for comfort, gently placed my body down on the mat and closed my eyes.  Sweet and utter joy.

I’ll definitely be going back to his class – and look forward to exploring the other ways I can find more joy in my life.

Joshua Tree Yoga Handstand


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Stay tuned during the month of April to see what other subjects I want to explore…I’ll return to my senses on May 1.

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