R is for Respite

I do my posts a day before so I’m writing this on a Monday evening after a Sunday wedding where I had a glass of wine that kept me up half the night. It is so sad how much of a light weight I am because I really enjoy a glass of wine…until my lips start to feel a bit numb and I can’t sleep the next night and I’m a zombie the next morning. After one glass! Do any of you have this problem after just a glass? It’s supposed to be good for you! Sigh….My head is in a creative, somewhat foggy space so for “R” you get a foggy, somewhat creative poem about the respite I so desperately need…


Stressful, Routine

Grading, Testing, Chasing

Papers, Pencils, Family, Friends

Resting, Writing, Relaxing

Free, Footloose



By Joy

I'm 42, a remarried mom of an 8 year old girl and a toddler son, a teacher, and a writer. People tell me I tend to be brutally honest and ...tell it like it is, so I had hoped to use this outlet to keep me sane while I got used to my new life as a stay-at-home Mom back when I was home with my daughter....it worked. And it's been therapeutic through the end of a marriage and the emergence of me...


    1. I thought that too but being the interwebs crawler that I am, I checked trusty old WebMD and it seems like those symptoms are really specific…none of which I had…the mystery of the wine!

  1. I usually sip a few glasses over the course of the evening. As long as I drink it slow and don’t drink too much I’m okay the next day.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    R is for Reincarnation

    1. I think I might have also been dehydrated – after one good night of sleep I’m back to normal …. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Love the painting. Sometimes one glass of wine hits me hard and other times not at all, and I have always wondered if that has to do with hormones. The older I get, the more wine or alcohol seems to disrupt my sleep pattern and I find myself wide awake at 3 am. Ugh.

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