I’m the furthest thing I could probably be from Irish, but I feel lucky despite that. The blogosphere has been a fun place to be as of late and I want to do something today I’ve meant to do since October (egads!) — formally accept Kat’s Crazy Award from her online home over at Dandelion Fuzz.  At the same time, since I don’t want another five months to go by again, I’d like to also accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award I got recently from Kate (look at that, Kat and Kate…I like alliteration…) over at Art and Aspergers. This is what that one looks like:



I think it’s quite pretty.  Since my lot in life (and a good lot it is) is to help people reach their full potential, to receive these is fantastic — even more so because it gives me an opportunity (besides bloghops, blogshares, retweets, reblogs, etc.) to spread the love to other bloggers.

So here’s how these things go if you don’t know…there are rules. Well, mostly. Kat didn’t have any rules for hers, just guidelines.

First – a thank you (here’s me happy dancing to show my gratitude…)

Thank You Happy Dance!

Me, happy dancing.



Kat from Dandelion Fuzz


Kate from Art and Aspergers

for their nominations.

Please have a look at their sites when you get a moment 🙂 Kat is a beautiful writer who has a varied offering on her blog, including photography challenges of which I’m just growing fond of.  All of it is worthy of your read.  Kate is an artist with Aspergers, and a fellow introvert who writes and sings (a bit like me!)

Next, 7 things about me that you don’t already know:

1. When I was a wee lass, I wanted to be the first female Indiana Jones.  I was turned off completely by a very pompous professor I had in college and changed my major to Sociology.

2. I still think Harrison Ford is hot. At 72. (Don’t tell the Man, though I suspect he already knows since there is a giant Raiders movie poster up by our front door.)

3. I grind my teeth and hold my breath when I’m anxious. I consciously have to stop doing both so that I don’t erode all of my enamel or die from lack of oxygen.

4. I read about 7 books at a time, very slowly.

5. After being inspired by my friend Katie, I’m considering running the L.A. Marathon for my 40th birthday next year. Crap, I just released that into the Universe. Guess it’s on now!

6. Though I try to do everything else first, I’m a yeller when it comes to parenting. I hope I haven’t irreparably harmed the little monkey from doing so.

7. I used to be much more of a judgmental person.  The last couple of years have been life-changing and humbling, which is why you see a lot less ranting on this blog these days. It is not the kind of energy I want to expend anymore.

And finally, 15 blogs that you should check out post-haste:

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  6. Glory Begin
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  8. Jack Flacco
  9. Rookienotes
  10. that’s so jacob
  11. Victo Dolore
  12. handmadehomegrownbeautifullife
  13. French Touch in Cebu
  14. Paula Reed Nancarrow
  15. I’m Hot But I’m Human

Now…go have a Guinness and some soda bread if you can find some and check these bloggers out!

****Note to all the nominees – please don’t feel obligated in any way to do a darn thing about this.  I just want people to check you out because I think you are cool and expect nothing in return. You being cool is enough 🙂