So we’re three months into the New Year – I wonder for those who made resolutions, how many have fallen off the wagon?  Are any making progress towards their goals? As I stated in my nearly-New Year’s post, rather than make a resolution this year, I chose a theme: Freedom.  I haven’t forgotten it, and I’ve tried to make choices daily that lead my goals to fruition.

I won’t lie though. Work has made this tough, and the fact that I have allowed that is troublesome to me. Not that it hasn’t come with some positives because it has (I’m teaching a new course, in a new format, and I really like it), but I’ve moved a bit farther away from keeping with my theme than I am comfortable.

So I sat with this….and came up with this week’s meditation:

Check In With Your Goals

I’d like to say my goals are in the slow-cooker for now.  But they are cooking. Check in with me – where are you on your 2015 path? Are you on track for where you want to be on New Year’s Eve?

Let me know, I’d love to hear…

and have a wonderful week.