Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting… but Listening, and Eating Sushi is Better.

In this world we live in now, for those of us who are lucky enough to have good friends and still have our senses of hearing intact, I wonder how often we actually hear their voices?  With so much of our communication coming in the electronic form, whether it be text, or email, or some other form of contact on FB or Instagram, or even Twitter – does anyone use a phone anymore for its original purpose?

We all have our heads buried in our phones more than we’d like to admit, but I wonder how many people are actually using the Phone function? I know I’m not.  When my house phone rings (yes, I still have one, I know…living in the Dark Ages) – it actually startles me because it happens so seldom. What the heck is my point? Well, in not using that little phone function, either via cellular or land, we’re depriving ourselves of hearing one of the nicest sounds around, a sound I love to hear, the voices of old friends.

I got to hear some last night as we went out with my friends Kiana, Eric and their respective husbands.  I’ve talked about them before, and when we do get together fun, and raucous laughter is often involved. We’re all generally pretty in favor of doing this in one of our homes instead of going out, but since my birthday is right around the corner, and Kiana happened to be staying downtown, we seized the opportunity to enjoy what Los Angeles has to offer.

We made it to the rooftop of this hotel…

The Wristband_BW

We talked, we drank, we people-watched, and laughed (not only due to the people-watching.)  We Ubered, we ate sushi…and then ate some more.  Thankfully, there was no fighting, but since I rarely go out, and tonight’s Oscar party will be my 3rd such outing in 3 days, Elton John worked his way into my head. This introverted woman has had an auspicious start to her birthday week.  Hopefully it is a marker for the year to come.

Here’s your Sunday earwig:


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