One of the things I found most intriguing about living in Europe was the age of all the buildings. Actually intrigued isn’t the right word – astonished is probably more accurate. After living in Los Angeles for so long, where the oldest landmarks around me were from the ’50s and ’60s (the 1950s and 1960s), and maybe the ’20s on rare occasions, the ancient churches, farmhouses and monuments I found meandering around Europe and the UK were a wonder.

I was so pleased to finally get a peek at the Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles this past weekend. Built in 1893, and the backdrop for many a Hollywood movie, it has an unassuming brown brick and terracotta all-business look on the outside.  But as you can see, the interior says nothing but Victorian soirée.

Bradbury Bldg Downtown Los Angeles

I’ll tell you more about how we stumbled upon this beauty of a landmark in an upcoming post (Sunday…in case you were wondering), but for now, I’ll just say I love to see history preserved, heaps of ornamental iron, and a good use of natural light.