A certain…uncertainty has filled the last couple of weeks for me. It’s been affecting me physically in ways that have only been relieved by deep breathing and stretching, yoga and sometimes sleep. At some point yesterday morning, I began whistling this old Bobby McFerrin ditty. The little monkey asked what it was and I told her it was a song called, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and that she would probably like it a lot.

So the Man brought it up on his computer and together we sang (and whistled) and I think she dug it. Maybe not as much as me, but that’s okay.  There’s still time.

And today, somehow I’m less fitful, more clear – present. I’m not going to worry, I’m just going to be happy.

Here’s the original for your listening pleasure:


And since it’s December… a mash-up by Pentatonix of this song and “Winter Wonderland” (they are aca-amazing):


Hmm…I feel a Christmas song list brewing…