Last weekend, when the little monkey was supposed to be napping, she sat on the edge of her bed singing the chorus to Tove Lo’s “Habits(Stay High)”if you know this song, don’t panic. She knows none of the real words except for “get you off my miiiiind oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh oh oh oh ohhhhhhh.” She gets the rest of them all wrong and I friggin’ love it. There is a whole website dedicated to this practice and it’s called KissThisGuy (Hendrix, anyone?) – an archive of misheard lyrics. I could spend all day on there laughing.

So it reminded me of one of my new favorites, Vance Joy and his song “Riptide” because part of the lyric is this:

I love you when you’re singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat because
You’re gonna sing the words wrong

So here’s your little earwig for today – Vance Joy singing “Riptide”..I discovered him on my iTunes Radio station dedicated to Hozier. Almost makes me want to buy a guitar…and sing some words wrong.