Chicken Enchiladas

It weighed a ton!

I know some people hate Facebook. I get it – you don’t want the exposure, you don’t want the “invasion of privacy” – but it’s totally good for some things…like random recipes you never would have found if someone on your feed hadn’t been tagged on someone else’s post, showing what they had cooked for dinner.

This is how I found the recipe that I made over the weekend. Shout out to Karla for being tagged and bringing this recipe to my attention 🙂  The pictures looked so yummy they compelled me to make it.

I live in Southern California and am a Mexican food fanatic – I can literally walk 5 minutes to the closest taco joint, which has vegan and veggie options if you’re into that, but I’m into the fact that it’s nearly all organic and it’s damn good. So while I might be shoving a burrito full of rice, beans and steak in my mouth, at least I know it’s great quality…anyway, I digress. Point is, I cannot be eating out every weekend because I teach for a living, so I need to start learning how to make my favorites at home!

The recipe I saw in my feed was for Chicken Enchiladas – which I rarely eat out when I’m getting Mexican (I’m a machaca/tacos girl), but like I said this looked good, and we had no plans so I went for it.

We did our weekly shopping at Trader Joe’s on Saturday and with the exception of the corn which I had from Costco, I bought all the necessary ingredients there, or at least I thought I did:

Of course, when I actually went to make it on Sunday, I realized I didn’t have nearly enough chile powder to make the sauce. So we trudged up to Whole Foods (and I say trudged because it was probably 97°F out), purchased the $35 dollar spice (I’m just joking, but Whole Foods is like Target, you go in for one thing and you walk out with a sack of expensive, pretty items in a bag you had to purchase because you forgot yours at home.)

I first made the red enchilada sauce with said expensive chile powder.  The powder came in little packets, so I could fill up my spice jar. Or not fill up my spice jar…. Did I mention I’m a messy cook?

Clean up on aisle 9!
Clean up on aisle 9!

I’m a little worried some of the bottom of the pan came off in the sauce, but so far, no ill effects. Here it is percolating on the stove:

That powder traveled everywhere, I swear.
That powder traveled everywhere, I swear.

Once the sauce was ready, I let it cool, puttered around on Facebook looking for more yummy recipes, and set out to make dinner when it was time. This particular recipe was one for stacked enchiladas, so picture lasagna, with ingredients you traditionally find in Mexican food, and tortillas instead of noodles.

I chopped (the onions and cilantro) and rinsed (da beans) and then started to layer…

Then some chicken and the Mexican cheese, repeating until all the ingredients are gone.

Once baked it’s topped off with cilantro and chopped avocado and looks something like this:

It weighed a ton!
It weighed a ton!

One thing I would say , is that the canned chicken, while easy, is kind of not appetizing when opened. The recipe did not call for canned, just shredded, but I wanted to save time (okay, I’m lazy, I’d rather write than cook chicken.) I think this would actually be fabulous with some roasted chicken, perhaps of the Costco variety like my mom used in her chicken salad. I think the flavor would add a layer that you just don’t find with canned (or fresh, boiled or baked chicken), so I’ll definitely be going that route next time.

If it looks good to you, please check out the recipe HERE at Gimme Some Oven.  You can also find the red enchilada sauce recipe HERE.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. I’m originally from San Diego so I’m all about great Mexican food. Your recipe looks fantastic! My husband is the cook in the family and spices end up all over the floor and counter. BTW, if it wasn’t for facebook, my hubbie and I would not have met 🙂 thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Of course-I love sharing recipes! The site ( I found the recipe on has lots of others that look really yummy. I’m sure I’ll be going back there!

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