Sweet what? For those of you who have no idea at all what the title of this post refers to, take a gander:

I just want to dive into it.

I just want to dive into it.

What you are looking at is sweet lokshen kugel (noodle casserole/pudding…in Yiddish!). It’s one of my favorite things to eat, but because it is also ridiculously high in fat content, I only eat it once, maybe twice a year, generally on Rosh Hashanah.

Maya’s Dad and Grammie make a phenomenal one, but since we no longer celebrate together I decided to find another recipe that I might like to try.

I headed over to Tori Avey’s site, which used to be called The Shiksa in the Kitchen, but has now actually expanded to include the history of all kinds of different foods – very cool.  She’s got a wealth of recipes to choose from, but the one I made for my family’s New Year’s dinner was this one.

I pretty much followed Tori’s recipe to the letter, however I left the fruit out, and added corn flakes to the top, along with the cinnamon and sugar.  One note – be careful with the cooking time. It looked about ready when time was up, but I left it in a few extra minutes because the noodles weren’t crispy.  Then, I waited a bit too long and it was a bit on the dry side.  Oopsie. Still tasted amazing…for 4 days in a row. Must. get. back. to. running.

What’s your favorite holiday casserole? I’m always looking for new recipes…