It was finally cool enough yesterday morning for me to go outside for a run. It has been many days since the overnight temperature has dipped below 75 for more than 10 minutes. It has been many months since I’ve gone for a proper run.

When I do run, I listen to music, usually to songs in my iTunes library, but this time I put on iTunes Radio for my Hozier station.  It works much like Pandora, playing songs from artists that are like the one you created the station for, and as you listen and like different songs, it will adjust to your tastes.  I was happily surprised when it decided to play Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah, despite me not having listened to the station for very long.

An exhale…and then the electric guitar…that’s how this song begins, and I can recognize it on the exhale.

It’s my favorite song, from one of my favorite artists, who unfortunately is now only making music for angels. Originally written by Leonard Cohen, then recorded by John Cale and many others, it’s lyrically and melodically perfect to me. Hozier actually reminds me a bit of Buckley, I just hope he doesn’t choose to go swimming in any rivers any time soon.

When the song came on, I smiled and said a little hallelujah, for Buckley, the cool air, the cloud cover, the coming of Fall, and for my body letting me slog through a run after so much time.

Enjoy your Sunday.