Today is September 11 – a day that used to be like most other days, but is now the anniversary of a game-changing dark day.  It’s been 13 years, and while I remember it like it was yesterday, I don’t feel the need to write about it this year.  I’ve done it before – and I’m sure I’ll do it again when I eventually visit the completed memorial and One World Trade.  It’s been 12 years since I’ve been there, and nearly 7 since I was last in New York City…something that will need to be remedied soon as I miss it.

I thought about what I wanted to write for today and I was taken back to that time, when for three months afterwards, I was depressed and scared and did nothing but shove food in my mouth…primarily french fries. I was reminded how some Republicans wanted them renamed Freedom Fries because the French didn’t approve our invasion of Iraq a few years later.  I was also reminded that when I was younger and my metabolism was faster, I could subsist on nothing but and not really gain weight….sigh.  Those days are all over.

I still like the fries. A lot.  I try to limit my inhaling of them…but I am still a connoisseur…and given I need to start learning how to eat at home how I eat out, I scoured the web for a few good recipes on baking fries. Baking because I don’t own a FryDaddy and because it’s just better for you.

Here are a few yummy sounding recipes I’ll be trying soon…

Crispy Baked French Fries by Beantown Baker

Extra Crispy Oven-Baked French Fries by Layers of Happiness

Bistro French Fries with Parsley and Garlic

Let me know if you beat me to it, and if you do, how you like them!