Would you like a little pasta with your meat?

“What do you want for dinner?”

“I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?”

This is what happens nearly every night in a household that doesn’t menu plan.  While I have done so in the past, lately planning hasn’t been happening, but the above conversation happens quite frequently. I seem to be able to think of something for every other meal pretty easily, except dinner. Maybe it’s because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I can eat some version of it 3x a day.  Or maybe it’s because most nights when I come home I’m so tired, and have so many other things to do before I go to bed, I don’t want to  can’t fathom cooking anything.

So what usually happens is a) Richard will cook, b) I will have some form of breakfast, or c) a frozen meal from Trader Joe’s (ahh! the horror…) or Richard and I will do a combo of b) and c) for each other.

But sometimes, something will inspire me to really cook…like this past weekend when we were sitting around the table eating breakfast, and I happened to be making the grocery list for the weekend and came across a little email from my friend Ree. Well, she’s not really my friend, but I get emails from her daily and she’s got a ton of recipes that are hearty, simple (ish), and whenever I’ve tried them, delicious.  You might know her as the Pioneer Woman.

I asked my fellow diners if they would be up for a little pasta dish for dinner and both said yes (which is a miracle in and of itself, given one diner is a sometimes picky 4.5 year old pollotarian and the other is a carnivorous male,) so I added the ingredients to the list.

It’s pretty simple to make – even the pollotarian got into it:

Maya stirring the onions - she loves to help in the kitchen!
Maya stirring the onions – she loves to help cook  🙂

It involves a little chopping and sauteing (of onions and garlic in some olive oil), adding a few whole tomatoes and thyme, and a whole lot of ground beef.  Two pounds worth to be exact – hence the title of the post.

Some of the other ingredients...
Some of the ingredients…

It was a bit excessive on the meat for my tastes,  but the thing I like is every one can have as little or as much as they want, because you just spoon the meat sauce over the pasta, instead of mixing it altogether before serving.  The dish is finished with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese which, in my opinion, makes everything better. Click here for the recipe.

Dinner...for dinner!
Dinner…for dinner!

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