To me there is nothing better than discovering a new restaurant, especially those hole-in-the-wall surprises that you would never think were good (or maybe you would think the opposite, that only holes-in-walls were good…I digress.)  Last week, I discovered such a gem just a 3-minute walk from my school site.  It’s a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean joint (leaning towards the Armenian/Syrian side of those cuisines), family owned that serves kebab, pita, falafel, tabouleh, pilaf and the like.  Completely delicious.  I had it again yesterday and decided I need to learn how to make these things myself considering I love them so!  Here are two yummy-sounding recipes from Mama’s Lebanese Kitchen I think I’ll try sometime soon…I have a feeling the secret to deliciousness is in the chicken marinade:

Lebanese Shish Tawook

Easy Hummus

Do you have a great hummus or kebab recipe that you’d like to share?