Day Fourteen-Guess what the word was on page 29?*

Dear Hillary,

I know, I know… You’re surprised to hear from me. I just told everyone I jumped ship, what – less than a month ago? Here’s the thing- I’m willing to come back. But I need to be wooed. You know, charmed? That thing your husband does oh. So. Well? Sorry, still too soon? Forget I said it.
What we have now, while once promising, has fallen short of expectations as I’m sure you have noticed. Noticed? Who am I kidding — you probably predicted it! I’m sorry I didn’t get on your bandwagon last time, but I don’t think you were quite ready then, to be honest. Not that you didn’t have the brains, or brawn for that matter. You had the sass, just not the charisma. It seemed to me you felt you had to be a certain type of woman to fit the bill, but in the end I think no matter what you did, it wasn’t going to be your time. The odds were never in your favor. It’s like you were a Career from District 2. You volunteered to compete. You trained hard. But in the end you didn’t have Katniss or Peeta’s heart and that’s what won the country’s votes.
Now that history has been made in a few arenas, it’s time for you to shine. Show everyone you’ve really just been prepping District 13 for all of us who want to fight the crazy shenanigans going on at the Capitol. I know you can do it. I know you want to do it. Forget the polls, they’re never accurate anyway… Just do what’s in your heart.


Hunger Games lover
Former Democrat
Mom of a daughter who needs to see a female Supreme Court justice and a female President

*The assignment here was to flip to page 29 of the nearest book (The Alchemist), pick the first word that stands out to you and write a post inspired by that. The word was…favorability.

By Joy

I'm 42, a remarried mom of an 8 year old girl and a toddler son, a teacher, and a writer. People tell me I tend to be brutally honest and ...tell it like it is, so I had hoped to use this outlet to keep me sane while I got used to my new life as a stay-at-home Mom back when I was home with my worked. And it's been therapeutic through the end of a marriage and the emergence of me...


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