Oh those great 80s pop hits that randomly get stuck in my head from time to time…

These dreams go on when I close my eyes, every second of the night I live another life…

I know earthquakes and bathrooms are likely not what Bernie Taupin and Martin Page had in mind when they wrote the song, and definitely not what the Wilson sisters had in mind when they sang it with their band Heart.

But lately, that’s what has been filling my mind when I sleep…

I’ve dreamed of the ground shaking and me going to find Maya.

I’ve dreamed of the ground shaking, me feeling surprisingly stable, and watching everything and everyone around me trying to get their sea legs during a never-ending shaker.

Specifically, last night I had a dream that I had survived a 9.0 earthquake and was staying in a castle-like dwelling that I didn’t recognize (though I suppose it could have been a version of the castle at the Vale, since the last thing I watched was “Mockingbird” episode of “Game of Thrones.”)  All of the preparations I kept on hand in my dream earthquake kit actually came in handy and I remember feeling satisfied with that.  I was trying to get ready in my dream to go outside to a refugee camp (though that doesn’t make much sense, given I was already safe inside) and needed to go to the bathroom.

This also happens in my dreams a lot.  Needing or trying to go to the bathroom and it being crowded, filthy or something prevents me from using it.

Perhaps in my dreams, I’m trying to work out the changes that are happening at work…and while the ground is not literally shaking beneath me there…sometimes it feels like it is.

Dream interpreters are welcome. 🙂