Today, I am thankful for the extra hour afforded me by turning the clocks back. I’ve been asking people at work if they could somehow alter the space-time continuum and give me extra time in the day so I could get all of the things done that I need. I don’t work in a Physics laboratory, so you can imagine that my requests didn’t result in anything more than laughter and the occasional, “I wish!”

With my extra hour today, I laid in bed for a lot longer than usual, went to yoga, had breakfast out, went grocery shopping, did 4 loads of laundry instead of my usual 2, went through some of Maya’s clothes so I can give them to my cousin and/or Goodwill, played with that terribly addictive Bitstrips App and made myself into a comic a few more times, managed to watch most of Hereafter (so far interesting…)…and for that, I am grateful.