9 months + 11, the latest and greatest…

I’ve just had a caramel chocolate mousse cake from Whole Foods (thanks honey!) so I’m buzzing on sugar.  Forgive me if any of the following is sugar-laden.

So – Mayacita is 9 months old (and change)…our first official checkup since the 6 month point.  Here are her stats:

Head – 18 1/4 in. – 90th percentile (still a big noggin like her ma and her pa)

Weight – 19 lbs. 4.5 oz. – 60th percentile (slightly heavier average like her ma and her pa)

Height – 26 inches – @10th percentile (shorter than average again…like her ma and her pa)

I was a little worried she isn’t yet crawling and more so that she isn’t rolling from back to front, but Dr. Frend said he wouldn’t worry unless she isn’t walking or crawling by a year. He said since sitting is a later milestone than rolling and she is doing that just fine, that I don’t have to worry about the rolling (phew.) I asked him about the weird ridges in her fingernails (could be a marker of eczema or psoriasis, but until that shows up its nothing…), whether or not I should supplement with iron drops (no, and they will give her a full blood workup to test her iron levels anyway at a year), whether or not I need to continue to wait 3 days when introducing foods (yes with the typically highly allergenic ones…egg, nuts, berries), and whether I could switch to whole milk right at 12 months (yes!).  She got 2 shots plus the flu vaccine (and I got that one too!) and though I thought she would cry the most this time around, she actually was a champ during the shots…now the checking of the ears is a different story!

Now as for the latest and greatest….apparently I haven’t had much time to post since early September because I haven’t done an update since then!  We left for Philly on Labor Day….it was Maya’s first plane ride and all in all it was a success. We left the house at 6:30p and were through security at LAX in an hour – crazy, huh? It was way past Maya’s bed time but there was plenty to keep her occupied.  I carried her in the Ergo for most of time and she fell asleep for about 45 minutes before we boarded and we put her in her car seat on the plane (I know some folks are ok with doing  a lap infant, but being it was a red-eye, I thought it best to get her a seat…not to mention it is supposedly safer.) She was a little freaked out by take off, but I nursed her and she was asleep at about the 1 hour mark….until 20 min. before landing!  Glorious.  If only we didn’t have jackasses in front of us leaning their seat backs into our laps, nor a nasty lady putting her un-pedicured, calloused, bare foot up on Maya’s seat, perhaps Evan and I would have had a chance to sleep.  Alas, no.  We landed safely and Maya did really well adjusting slowly to the time change. Skype really works as Maya warmed up to her Grammie and Pop (and her Uncle Jas and Auntie JoJo) fairly quickly.  She did not warm up to Philly traffic, nor too late bedtimes and missed naps.  But by the 3rd day she was good to go – even slept in the Pack N Play in Pop’s office and not with us! We took walks, hung out in the backyard, went to services for Rosh Hoshannah (where she introduced the congregation of B’nai Jacob to the Wah!Wah!Wah! crazy cry), had dinner with family, hung out in downtown at the Reading Terminal Market and had some Flying Monkey Patisserie cupcakes (good, but not necessarily great), and had a big party for Maya where at one point she got so overwhelmed, she started doing her pirate talk with her eyes open and almost fell asleep up on Daddy’s shoulder.  It was nice to get away, but also just as nice to come home and get back to our routine. 

I had another follow up with my dermatologist for the skin cancer on my nose and it is still looking good (Thanks to the folks upstairs…)

My sissy and I took my mom to see Phantom of the Opera for her 60th birthday present (see my Theatre etiquette post).  It’s amazing the power that music has…and how it has held up over the years (though this time around I could really pick out the slightly dated organ bits in the overtures….doesn’t mean I don’t love it still!). 

Evan and I finally took advantage of his Father’s Day present from Maya and myself and did the CityRace in Downtown LA.  For those who don’t know it is kind of like LA’s version of CBS’ Amazing Race, just shorter and more intellectually challenging than physically challenging, unless of course you count that we “ran” the race in 105 degree heat!  It was the day BEFORE the hottest day recorded on record in LA. Ever. And we felt it.  It was fun nonetheless….great for Evan and I to get out together without the baby for a date, challenged our mind, and we got to explore areas of downtown we never would have done before.

After a bout of nasty sickness that ran through me Maya (and Evan for about a minute), we had a little afternoon date with the Moldavons so they could meet Maya, and a lunch date with the Barrys so we could meet Dylan.

We finally visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach (and it IS terrific!) Maya really enjoyed the fish and the sea animals and watching her watch them for the first time was soo much fun.  We also hit yet another Food Truck Fest (thank you Long Beach!) while we were there and tried Fresh Fries LA (yum) and Munchie Machine (smores + p, b & j sandwich=love).

I also started Maya’s new Parent and Me class at the synagogue (new teacher, all new babies…Maya still likes it!) today.  It hits right in the middle of her morning nap so we will see how this goes…

That’s about it…we’ve got a Pumpkin Festival, a Fair, and Halloween coming up all before her 10 month…Facebook should see a barrage of pics coming soon.  Hopefully I will have more energy in the next few weeks to write some more but right now – I’m toast.

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