I live, therefore, sometimes, I don’t write.

Sheesh…this started off being a recap post from Memorial Day weekend, but as I sit here watching the Tony Awards waiting for Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison to come on (yes, I’m a Gleek) – I realize it’s been two weeks since I saved the dang thing as a draft. Oy. Not my intention. Anyways…what I had intended to write was a redux of what I had done that weekend…so I’ll start with that…and end with what I did this weekend.

So Memorial Day weekend was a busy one.  Saturday was the day Evan and I had set aside to celebrate our 7th anniversary (of dating, not of being married) …after 3 tries for a sitter we realized we were supposed to celebrate with Maya …so rather than going to a movie together, we just went to our favorite local sushi place and had a relaxing lunch on their outdoor patio. Evan then did 8 billion loads of laundry and I folded and put away said laundry. Ok not 8 billion loads but a lot.  We had quite a bit of hand-me-downs to wash from both Wendi and cousin Allison so it added to our regular load…er, loads. So now that they have gone thru the initial washing, hopefully that volume won’t happen again too soon.

Sunday was SATC2 viewing day for me, and Evan went to see Iron Man 2 with Scotty – we did a baby switch in between showings and had lunch at the Burbank mall after the movie.  While sitting there, this really ODD woman started asking me all these random questions about having kids (I was breastfeeding Maya so I guess that made me an expert) ….like at what age are you too old to have them (as if there was a magic date that was the same for all women) and where she could get my stroller.  And again, what age was she too old to have them because she wanted to make sure she knew, but that her boyfriend who was sitting with her didn’t find out…all the while she appears to be on some kind of drug that makes her ask weird questions, seem high, and have two somewhat black eyes.  All I wanted to do was say, well, let’s not talk about any of this until you get off the zootie.

 Oh – the movie, what did I think of SATC2?  Yeah, it was fun. But wow. Kind of disappointing.  All the characters kind of became caricatures of themselves, the scene with Liza Minelli was a train wreck, and they didn’t really have as much of the thoughtful, laugh-inducing conversations that made the show so great.  I hope they don’t do anymore to tarnish the awesomeness of the series.

Monday we went up to my mom’s for a BBQ – it was the first time Maya was at Grandma’s house and she was a big hit.  I think all of the new people were a bit overwhelming for her and she is in this stage where she is tending to cry at either new people or loud people…she just startles easily, but once she warmed up…it was all good. 

Last weekend was full of company here at the Real abode.  Saturday our friends Mark and Dawn came by to meet Maya and brought us lunch.  It was really nice seeing them, as despite the fact we both live in SoCal, schedules and LA traffic prohibit us from seeing each other more…Sunday, my Great Aunt Judy and Great Uncle David (brother of my Grandma Marilyn for whom Maya is named) were in town from San Fran – also here to meet Maya… So they, along with my Mom, Ed, my sister, Jay, cousin Natanya, Aunt Janet and Uncle Jack, came over and we had bagels, lox, cawfee and pastries and shot the sh*t for a few hours.  How I wish hat those kind of get togethers happened more often.  It reminded me of when I was a young kid and my Nanas were still around …I remember I would listen to all of the adults talking when we would gather together on the weekends and though I might not have said much, I was soaking everything in and always felt safe and loved.  I am going to do my best to make sure Maya feels that in some way, despite her only having one Nana (GG Mil) who lives on the other side of the country.

This weekend we went down to visit my friend Kiana at her home in Rancho Santa Fe. She is someone whom I met during my first year in college and despite some rough patches, our friendship has endured for 17 years…and I must say it was nice having her so close by so more regular visits were possible (I say WAS as she is moving back to the Bay Area this summer – boo!) She made us an incredible Persian meal of which I can’t remember any of the dish names, but I will certainly remember their delicious flavors. YUM.  Seriously, that woman can cook up a storm.  On a sour note – it took us 4.5 hours to get back from SD – there was an accident on the 405 North in the Pass so the traffic was backed up to about National…we got off, ended up somehow back on the 10 W, got stuck going back on the 405 S (don’t ask) then got off the freeway and on to Sepulveda. That backed up in Westwood and after having already stopped twice to give Maya a car seat break and a snack, we had to stop again because of her being inconsolable.  From a small street off of Sepulveda we found our way to Beverly Glen and with a screaming sobbing child we sped home the 10 or so miles to Coldwater.  My poor little baby was scarred, and Evan and I were exhausted. Might be our last road trip for awhile.

And that brings me to today – Ev and I went to try a new restaurant in our ‘hood, owned by my friend Katie’s husband Enzo. (Long story short, Katie is a gal whom I met in Italy when I was studying abroad – she went back after our program ended, met and fell and love with Enzo, and they are now married with two kiddos, living here in SoCal).  The place is called 8 1/2 Taverna – and the food is good.  They have only been open for a week, so I’m sure there might be some kinks they will need to work out, but the gnocchi alla sorrentina was just like I remembered from Capri, and Ev’s pollo alla milanesa tasted like home-cooking in the best kind of way.  We got to chat with Enzo and his business partner Fabrizio (who fell in love with Maya and her occhi azzuri) and also got a great dessert sampler with tiramisu’ (light and fluffy), cannoli (delicate and delicious) and an apple crisp that wasn’t bad either.  Evan and I will definitely go back to try some other bits of the menu and hear more Italian 🙂 Gotta love the most beautiful language in the world!

I still have another post brewing but since its after 11p and I have a daughter who will be hungry in about 7 hours, I gotta go to bed.  Ciao tutti.

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  1. What you said about Nana’s house….you hit the nail on the head. It always smelled like stale pretzels and black licorice but I LOVED those weekends and I still drive by that apartment complex from time to time and I smile because that was one of my homes as a kid. I will do my part to make sure Maya has that same kind of feeling as she grows up 🙂

  2. I cried when I read the part about being at Nana’s house on the weekends….I did so because I still miss being at my grandma’s house when I was a little girl…I guess there are some moments that we will always cherish because they made us feel safe…and loved. Not to mention feeling a part of something bigger than yourself.

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