Field Trip – LACMA

She’s been to the Grilled Cheese Truck, Hugo’s and various other culinary hot spots (Quizno’s, Mommy’s left boobie, Mommy’s right boobie…you know the norm for your average 16.5 week old baby)…and now my little foodie Maya has become a cultural maven!  Yesterday, she made her first trip to LACMA to see the Renoir exhibit and American Stories.  I didn’t take any pictures so you’ll just have to trust me.

What did she think? Well she slept through 90% of Renoir which made her mommy able to enjoy it much more than American Stories.  She didn’t really dig the American Stories …fussed at an increasingly loud rate which made me kind of run through it, but that was ok as I didn’t think too much of it either (except for the John Singer Sargent piece,  A Street in Venice and a few of the Winslow Homer pieces).  Renoir, as I already said on FB, has an interesting sense of perspective, but I really like him more than I thought. I also really dug the final portion of the exhibition which was a collection of photographs of Renoir, his family, and a few of his models (who were often family or lived with him as “help”).  It is amazing a man so frail had his children so late in life. There is also a black and white film of him painting which was tres’ cool. It made me really glad I renewed my membership to the museum.  It gets me in free anytime I want, plus two free tickets to the special exhibitions (i.e., Renoir, American Stories, King Tut, etc.). 

I will definitely be returning to the museum, not only for myself but also to take advantage of the great kids stuff they have once Maya cares 🙂

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