Spud WAS nice enough to give me a credit for the stolen veggies.  And the people we suspected were evicted from our apartment building. Karma is a bitch!

For those of you who didn’t see my FB post – some jackhole stole my Spud! delivery today, thus causing Evan to have to run to Whole Foods to get us Romaine lettuce for our grilled chicken Caesar salad. Not to mention, we now are out about $36 bucks worth of produce.  I have sent an email to Spud! in hopes that they will be kind to us and give us a replacement box. Regardless, fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.  I will no longer let them deliver if I am not home. And to whomever decided to jack our stuff, I hope you truly did need my bananas and yams more than I did. If you didn’t karma’s gonna get your a$$.

On another note, I went to drop off my prescription for my prenatals (no I’m not prego again ha!…I just need to keep taking them while I am breastfeeding) at Rite Aid.  The lady told me to wait  a second while she checked to see if she had them in.  She did, grabbed the box and came back.  She asked for my information (DOB and phone) and asked if I was going to wait or come back to get it. I asked how long it would take….and she said 30 minutes.  If she had the box in her hand, along with my prescription, why EXACTLY would it take 30 minutes for me to get that box? Pharmaceutical stupidity. ‘Nuff said. And …rant over.