3 Months + 4 and a WW update.

Let’s start backwards ….WW – slow going.  I can’t seem to be bothered to mark down my points for a full week.  Maybe I wasn’t ready to do it.  Or maybe the fact that I lose weight when I don’t watch is leading me into a fall sense of security.  I am now down nearly 7 pounds from when I started, which is good, and I am honestly eating pretty much what I want. I figure as long as I don’t eat a nightly piece of cake and eat reasonably well during the day, I am ok.  So now I am at 185.7, leaving me 15.7 lbs to go to pre-prego weight, and 30.7 pounds to go before I let myself get prego again (give or take and if I reach that point before Maya is potty trained, I will wait a bit).

So little muffin is now 3 months old officially…the social smiling is FANTASTIC. There is nothing better than hearing her scoot around in the bassinet, popping over it and saying “Good morning!” …only to be greeted with the biggest, cutest smile you’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen anyone so happy in the morning.   She is getting a nice set of pulkes (chubby thigh to those of you who don’t speak Yiddish of any kind…or know any Jews) and she now looks like a real baby, not a newborn. She is finally fitting into her clothes…and is looking super cute. Her hair is reddish. Like really reddish ….Nana Rose would be trippin’.  She would have a great-grandson AND a great-great granddaughter with hair like hers…and perhaps eyes as well, as Maya’s are still looking a very pretty shade of blue.    She is propping herself up much better with tummy time and might not cry until 15 seconds into it instead of immediately.  Sleeping through the night is never a guarantee though I will say it is a regular occurrence which is AWESOME.  Naps – suck.  I purchased Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child by Dr. Weissbluth and it has some great tips in there in re: to sleeping and napping your baby.  I have started a sleep log. We will see how it goes.

As for me – breastfeeding has become easy – it took 8 weeks, but it finally happened. I am still pumping 2x a day for bottles, but that is way better than 4 and I can probably drop the morning one if I wanted (but for some reason I am paranoid about not having extra).  As shown in my last post, I resigned from my job. Super weird, but had to be done.  Starting to think I might have to get up earlier than Maya to get a regular exercise program in, but I bet it would make me feel better (and probably eliminate the need for WW while I breastfeed)….we shall see. Still haven’t finished thank yous.  Thank G-d that does not represent how grateful I am for all the lovely things Maya has received.  Still haven’t written more in her baby book. I did manage to put most of the laundry away today though and take a walk with Maya to the bank. Everything else will come in time.

Must go to bed now, but will leave with one of my fave Maya pics…

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