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So Evan and I took advantage of a free ticket we had to Gold Class Cinemas today to go see Avatar.  For those not familiar with Gold Class – check out the website – www.goldclasscinemas.com.  We had heard about this place opening and knew we had to go at some point – the free ticket and $15 food voucher encouraged us to go before the baby got here…

So the cinemas – REALLY COOL.  The place is located in one of those little Pasadena alleys between Colorado and Union off of DeLacey (by Forever 21).  You walk in on the 2nd floor on a red carpet, take 2 escalators down where a greeter meets you and checks your tickets.  The greeter seats you so you can peruse the menu, and a server takes your order….and depending on when your movie is, you either eat it in the lounge/bar area (which makes you think like you are having a night out even if it is only noon due to the dark and bar-like decor …) or, they will bring it to you in the theatre.  We got there at 11a for an 11:30a movie, so we ordered…they brought our drinks and then led us in to the theatre right before the movie was to start.  The pricing on the food is a little over the top but not terrible.  We both had the Wagyu burgers and shared one of the gourmet popcorns (black and white  – which consists of caramel popcorn drizzled with milk and white chocolate).  The food was brought in probably 15-20 minutes into the movie and the only thing I would change is maybe getting there early enough next time to eat the majority of the meal outside as I hate not being able to see what I am eating! The seats are the best thing about this place. They are basically orange recliners, grouped in twos with a table in between. One of the armrests for each chair is a storage spot for your purse or whatever else you brought with you…and they nearly completely recline. Fabulous for someone 36 weeks prego (I never would have endured a 2 hour 40 minute  movie without laying down for most of it).

On the table is a button you can press if you need service (refills, want to order something additional, etc.).  Our table was set with napkins and our 3D glasses were waiting on the armrests.  I made my first visit to the restroom before the previews…restrooms are nice with large stalls (nothing more annoying than having to contort your body in order to close the stall door).  Automated toilets and sinks with rosemary-scented soap and those high quality paper towels that are set in a basket and not in an automated dispenser that doesn’t work until you do the chicken dance in front of it.

Previews included Shutter Island (yay!), Alice in Wonderland (yay!), The Lightning Thief (possible yay!) and Sherlock Holmes (yay!)….

And as for the movie – let me be clear 🙂 I had zero interest in seeing this movie before we went; I really just wanted to take advantage of the movie ticket before the baby came.  However – it kept my interest for 95% of it (started to feel sleepy during the last battle scene) and the 3D was truly amazing. The visuals are beautiful …and there was an actual story, albeit one that has been done before (think Dances With Wolves with Blue people)….but I am happy I saw it in the theatre as the 3D was totally worth it.  Keep in mind also that the technology allows the 3D to not only be a gimmick now but to be something seamlessly strewn throughout the film….will definitely change the way that is done going forward.

Also finally saw The Hangover tonite – funny but not as funny as Knocked Up or 40 Year-Old Virgin…

PREGO UPDATE: Officially am 36 weeks today.  I am pretty sure baby has dropped as I no longer have a lap and am peeing way more than usual (which was a lot).  Sometimes I feel like she is breech again, and others I just feel like she has a big butt that is sticking up…no contractions except for the Braxton Hicks when I am too active (which really doesn’t take much these days).  I am finding myself in dire need of a 2 hour nap daily now, despite being able to sleep pretty well for at least 4 hours during the night.  Tomorrow is a laundry day for Evan and a baby room prep day for me…I also need to put the finishing touches on my hospital bag so that is ready to go. Hoping to get some bursts of nesting energy in the next few days….  Did I say again how glad I am that I am done with work??

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I'm 42, a remarried mom of an 8 year old girl and a toddler son, a teacher, and a writer. People tell me I tend to be brutally honest and ...tell it like it is, so I had hoped to use this outlet to keep me sane while I got used to my new life as a stay-at-home Mom back when I was home with my daughter....it worked. And it's been therapeutic through the end of a marriage and the emergence of me...

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  1. OK, Dave and I need a babysitter STAT so we can go to that theater. It sounds AMAZING. Glad you are done with work! Now you can nest full time.

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